What is the slow down and move over law? 

You must have seen vehicles getting disabled by the side of the road, or police stopping them. Each year, many police officers or first responders countrywide are often killed or injured by drivers when on the side of the road. This happens as a result of trying to assist motorists, issuing tickets, or when controlling emergencies such as outbreaks of fire and more.

To try and avoid this vulnerability on emergency responders, there is a law in place, keeping responders safe when stopping vehicles or offering Ottawa towing services. The slowdown and move over a law that whenever drivers see emergency lights they should slow down and if safe to do so, move to a different lane. Therefore, by following this law drivers will protect emergecy responders including tow truck operators while avoiding hefty fines and preventing car wreckage or even death.

Slow down and move over 

Initially, the law was put in place to protect first responders and police workers from fire and other emergencies when providing road services Ottawa to motorists and other people on the road.

According to this law, drivers should move to another lane to provide room for Ottawa truck services and first-responding personnel during emergencies. While at it, drivers are required to slow down and proceed with caution when passing an emergency vehicle or tow truck parked on the side of the highway with its lights activated.

Since these tow trucks have to handle emergencies at the side of the road, drivers must merge away if they’re on a multi-lane road. By doing so, it creates a safe zone for Ottawa tow truck personnel, protecting them from accidental hits. You should always be keen while driving to move over early in case you see a police car pulled over at the side of the road. This prevents risks associated with merging suddenly.

Penalties for violating this law 

The slow down and move over law are enforced by the police. If you fail to slow down or move over when you see emergency lights, you’ll be required to pay fines of up to $490 to $2,000. Besides, the fines can increase to $1,000 to $4,000 for subsequent offences within five years, possible jail time up to six months and possible suspension of your driver’s lisence for up to two years.

Recently, the police have increased their efforts to enforce the law, through the issuance of warnings and tickets to drivers breaking the law. To ensure that drivers fully familiarise themselves with the law,  there is a nation-wide campaign geared towards public education about the law.

The main goal of this law is to prevent accidents that are often caused by careless drivers not keeping an eye on emergency tow truck vehicles.

Besides, radio announcements, press materials, and posters help educate the public about this law. Since car accidents often happen suddenly, it’s important to stay in the vehicle when stranded on the side of the road, and call for Ottawa towing companies like ALLIANCE Towing.

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