Towing Services: Ottawa & Gatineau

The Best Towing Service In Ottawa & Gatineau

Do you need emergency towing following an Accident? Do you need help filing your accident claim? Your Car broke down in the middle of the night? Has your wheel popped out of place? Call Alliance Towing Ottawa for the most reliable towing service in Ottawa & Gatineau



Complete Roadside Assistance Service

Our Wreckmaster trained opertors come fully equipped to solve all your roadside autootive problems. From our tools, trucks & equipment, we get you back on the road quickly for a pleasant experience1

Car Battery boost

Has your battery stalled? A dead battery is often caused by cold weather, but it can also be caused by accidentally leaving the lights on or running the radio too long when the engine’s off.

Fuel Delivery Service

No one likes running out of fuel, and it usually happens in the most inconvenient times when you least expect it. Let our professionals deliver fuel to your location promptly and safely!

Motorcycle Towing

Is your motorcycle or electric scooter broken down or needs to be moved? Our experts on call do their best to ensure your small vehicles are transported safely and efficiently.


Do you own or manage a fleet of commercial vehicles and want to protect your assets from last minute surprises? It's always best to expect the unexpected! Open an account with us to access special service and contracted rates for your company. Protect your assets and don't call any company, call a company you already know and trust. Call Alliance Towing Ottawa.

Winching Service

Canada is a great country but with greatness comes difficulty. With our exreme weather, you may find your car stuck in a pile of snow or mud, or might have fallen in the ditch. Winching can be a dangerous procedure and potentially life threatening if not done properly. Our qualified technicians will remove your stuck vehcile in the most safe and convineient manner minumum to no damage to your vehcile or public property.

Flatbed Towing Premium

Do you drive an all wheel drive, 4x4 or high end luxury vehicle? Not every company in the Ottawa-Gatineau area run flatbeds. Requesting a flatbed tow truck instead of a regular wheel lift ensures your car incurs less wear and tear giving you peace of mind. We also haul equipment such as generators, small backho's, and trailers and anything that will safetly fit on our strong steel decks.

Car Unlock

Everyone locks themself out of their vehicle one time or another. We knokw our time is valuable-- No need to panic: We offer damage free expert service to unlock your vehicle's door in a quick, safe and timely manner to get you back on your way!

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